One of the biggest ways we all can be involved with the recovery from Hurricane Harvey and other disasters is to pray daily for our families, our community and our church.



Disaster recovery costs money! All donations are used to provide relief and recovery assistance to individuals, families and churches in the greater Houston area.



We have been mobilizing hundreds of volunteers to help support, clean and rebuild our neighborhoods and cities as we recover from Harvey. It takes all of us!

Harvey Disaster Relief is the recovery initiative of Clear Creek Community Church in response to the recent catastrophic storms and flooding that the greater Houston area experienced. We believe especially in times like these, the church must rise up and go bold! In the midst of the heartbreak and devastation, we can show God’s love and generosity to the people around us. There are three phases of response:

Rescue means simply that: we help rescue those neighbors and friends in crisis.
Relief means shelters are opened and supplies are collected and distributed.
Recovery means we clean up houses and we rebuild, getting our worlds back in order.

The Rescue and Relief phases are urgent. With Harvey, shelters have been established by area churches and civil agencies, and as individuals, we have urged you to continue to support those available shelters by volunteering and donating supplies as you are able.


We have based our Harvey Disaster Relief plan on the Recovery phase of this devastation. The recovery phase is where we do the long-term work of helping people long after the news has died down and after disaster relief fatigue sets in for many. We have learned that this is where we serve our community and city best.

For months to come, CCCC will coordinate teams of volunteers to assist with mold mitigation, cleaning out flooded houses, and simply walking with people who are recovering from severe loss. We will use donated dollars to assist individuals, families, and churches who were devastated by the storm. Recovering from Harvey will be a marathon, not a sprint. So let’s prepare, and let’s demonstrate God’s enduring love over the coming months, together.